The timeline of experience

Aug 2017 - pres.
Full-stack dev, designer, SEOFreelance –

I've learned a lot of information about web technologies, including JavaScript, Node, React, different databases, web servers and other. Afterwards I've created and participated in a dozen projects using these technologies. I did most of these projects on React and Node, they are all closed systems. Unfortunately I can't show and tell that I participated in them of the NDA. Now I'm diligently studying everything related to JavaScript and the whole modern web. There are some projects in the works page, this is mostly small sites, online stores, in which I took part as a freelancer.

Aug 2018 - Sep 2020.
Assistant Web devEXADEL, Minsk –

Developing web apps for clients using React, Node.js as a web server, MongoDB and Firebase as a database. Development and support of REST services. Worked part-time as a web developer assistant.

Jun 2017 - pres.
Front-end dev, SEOSister's, Minsk –

Support, revision, SEO and consultations for a famous brand in Belarusian clothing market. Now I'm getting ready to develop and design a new site for Sister's. I also participate in other projects related to them: and - wholesale online stores. I support them for couple of hours a week too.

Oct 2017 - Jul 2020.
Front-end dev, designer, SEOElite Nails, Gomel –

Design and development online store of cosmetics for nails and manicure. Web site based on Wordpress + Woocommerce using nginx as a web server. Currently I don't support this project

Apr 2015 - Sep 2021.
Front-end dev, designer, SEOSati, Gomel –

My first individual work that is completely done by myself. This site mainly gets customers through the Google and Yandex search. In 2017, I redesigned this project and updated the entire system. Web app based on LEMP (Linux, Nginx, MySQL, and PHP).

Dec 2013 - May 2016
SEOHipway & HipClub, Moscow – (site does not work)

The first IT work in my life. I worked remotely as a SEO specialist in a travel company Hipway and their related product Hipclub. Here I grew from an ordinary employee to the head of SEO departament.